Partner Associations

The following NGOs and Charities joined the project and they opened their schools to Matteo’s visits.

Donations to their projects can be done directly through their website.

We are very thankful to them for believing in this sporty-humanitarian enterprise “World Tour by bicycle for the disabled people”.

Baavar Association

Baavar Associazione di Disabili




associazione-delfino A.S.D. per DISABILI “DELFINO” (Disabled People Sport Association)
laos-disabled-people-associ Lao Disabled People’s Association



Many people deserve our most sincere thanks for their continuous efforts to make this project a success and in particular:
– Enrico Aglietta e ASCO staff in Bangkok
– Mauro Barattino
– Nicole Yang
– Claudio Bussolino
– Stefano Cazzola e Jenifer Morellato
– Pushkar Chaudhri and family
– Vincenzo e Laura Falcone
– Marco Felisati
– Rosi Ferraro
– Davide Galleri
– Vincenzo Maggio
– Jose Manzo
– Massimo e On Mera
– Piero Nigrelli
– Luigi Paggi
– Annamaria Prencipe
– Giacomo Stuart
– Vittorio Tricarico
– Lorenzo Villa

For further information, please contact:


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