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The non-profit humanitarian association TRAVEL FOR AID organises the project “World Tour by Bicycle for the Disabled and Disadvantaged Children”.

Khulna, Bangladesh May 2010

The journey that Matteo Tricarico undertook consists of covering 70.000 kilometres through Asia, Americas and Europe solo by bicycle.

The initiative is in partnership with humanitarian and non-governmental organisations operating in the field of education for disabled children with projects currently running in the visited counties. The itinerary connects dots made by various schools and institutes for disabled children visited along the way.

The aim of the enterprise is to raise public awareness on disabled children’s education and to promote a fund-raising campaign run by partners NGOs for specific projects in visited counties.

The initiative is under the patronage of public and private institutions and organisations that gave their moral support to the project.

More info on the project are available at The Challenge.

TRAVEL FOR AID is a non-profit, apolitical and non-religious humanitarian association.
It aims to spread culture to its members and the general public by organizing charity and sport events or any other activity to attract people’s attention to the problems of those who, by birth or by tragic accident, live with a physical or mental disability.
Furthermore, the association intends to stimulate its members’ and the general public’ creativity with conferences, debates and stages aiming at offering alternative possibilities to vulnerable social groups living at the margin of society.

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  1. i watch your websiteand very glad for your traveling and your work . you are very goog and so much to do work .lets see u .
    ramesh lamsal kathmandu

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