IN ENGLISH – Daily chronicle or so…

In collaboration with L’ItaloEuropeo

In this Daily Chronicle, or so… depending on the “ability” to connect to the Net along the way, I try to describe the relevant events of the last few days. See also the Diary.

If you have any legitimate question, I will be happy to answer,

1672nd day, Trujillo (S8°07.283′ W79°01.934′), Perù, August 31, 2014

map Colombia-EcuadorChronicle 114, Trujillo, Perù, August 31, 2014 08:00 pm – On June 21, 2014 at 5:30 in the morning, when the taxi that would have taken me to Havana airport did not show up, I went to the empty La Enfanta avenue and I stopped a Buick of mid-50s. I agreed with the driver to take me to the airport for a price much lower than the official taxis and I loaded the cardboard with the bike on the rear seats where it fitted perfectly in all its length, certainly the widest car I travelled on! Behind me, in the queue for check-in at the airport, there stood Kim, a Korean boy, who also had a bicycle, and was going to Bogotá. He begun his journey on two wheels in Los Angeles with destination the Patagonia and then Europe. The take-off was scheduled for 8:00 am but at ten o’clock we were informed that due to technical problems the flight was postponed to 8:00 pm. As it always happens in the hours of waiting one makes acquainted with fellow travellers united in the same fate. So I chatted with Sakura and Akan, two Japanese girls in my same flight. The decade I spent in Asia makes me feel closer to people with almond-shaped eyes that to my fellow Indo-Europeans. Cont. >>>

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